Ornaments & Christmas Spirit in September

The Ornaments have landed in plenty of time for your upcoming holiday decorating! Along with them come bucketful of Christmas spirit.   Be sure to see what the designer is doing at Big Papa Foundation At www.BigPapa.org and check in on plans to save the world for people in need! Casey’s fondest Christmas wish has always been the same: World Peace. ?✌?She wants to make it happen with Rescues upon request for Families in Crisis at the proposed Big Papa Home Base. https://bigpapahomebase.mydagsite.com/

Happy Equinox & Holiday shopping!

Today she introduces Gorgeous and unique Shiva Shell in Sterling Silver Ornaments- scoop up yours while they last !

Casey Keith Design Ornaments now available on Amazon Handmade
Have a peek at what Casey Keith is working on at Big Papa Home Base for Families is crisis.

Coupons and Shopping Credits for all

?‍?September for many is the start of the busy shopping season with holidays peering at us all from right around the corner. As your friend I like to make sure I have got your back in any way I can from this small site on the vast internet.  Here are 2 ways I have your back this season:

1. Amazingly, Poshmark still offers $10 ??free shopping credit when you join with invite code DaturaArt . All you have to do is download the app in the App Store, use the invite code  DaturaArt and set up your account to work for you- and get shopping. It is real. It spends like real money. ?You choose what arrives like Magic in your mail box! ?Get a head start on your holiday shopping or buy yourself a new pair of pants (?or whatever you need). Poshmark has fashion ?????‍?‍???and home decor for all to enjoy- so there is something for you just waiting to get scooped up using your $10 shopping credit. If you need help – I’m here for you with access to 1.2 million  sellers’  items to share . Let me know what you are in search of & I will text over a link to help you get it done fast!

2. Casey Keith Design  items are conveniently available on Amazon Handmade  now! From now until December 6th  Onyx pieces all have an automatic 10% off coupon included !   Because I know people are looking for great gifts I added another 10% off coupon to ALL pearl items starting ??October 1st- ?and running ⛄️until?? Christmas Eve.  ??There is no coupon to clip – just click on the savings on each item with these coupons to save .  It is super easy and hopefully you will enjoy shopping Amazon Handmade this holiday season with just a tiny little assist from your friend, Casey! ?

October 1st-December 24th Automatic 10% off coupon available for use at Amazon Handmade

New Artisan Necklaces Landed At Datura Art Handmade Boutique


Labradorite on Sterling Silver beautifully handcrafted in India and available today at Datura Art Handmade Boutique here at CaseyKeith.com and on Poshmark.
Natural amethyst in silver plated sterling silver 16” available at Datura Art Handmade Boutique
Natural rose quartz set in silver plated sterling on sterling 18” snake chain. Available on Poshmark at Datura Art Handmade Boutique


Handmade Jewelry Shopping is easy !

From September 8-December 6th, this coupon is available for 10% off Onyx items by Casey Keith Design
Coupon is automatic! Simply shop Casey Keith Design on Amazon Handmade and the coupon appears like magic anywhere that it is valid! Shop for Onyx items to take advantage of this deal !

It’s easy to buy high quality handmade jewelry with Casey’s personal stamp of approval and a gift box included! Simply shop at these convenient online locations and get ready for holiday gift giving and birthdays alike! :

Amazon Handmade 

Datura Handmade Boutique 

Lots of beautiful handmade jewelry is available on the Datura Art Handmade Boutique page here at CaseyKeith.com. Simply click on the image of an item you like and you are transported to the Poshmark page where the item may be purchased.

Casey Keith Design items are available on Amazon Handmade now in addition to the   Datura Art Handmade Boutique.   Until December 6th, all Onyx items  feature a 10% off coupon! Shop today to take advantage of the deal while supplies last! Coupon only valid on Amazon Handmade.

Coupon Alert !

From September 8-December 6th, this coupon is available for 10% off Onyx items by Casey Keith Design
Coupon is automatic! Simply shop Casey Keith Design on Amazon Handmade and the coupon appears like magic anywhere that it is valid! Shop for Onyx items to take advantage of this deal !

Getting ready for a town hall: Casey Keith Design & Human Rights Campaign

Scoop up these earrings and a Human Rights Campaign sticker on Amazon Handmade

HRC’s Power of our PridePresidential Town Hall

Casey is tuning into CNN’s live coverage on October 10th! You can join in on the fun & witness history ! Here is what it is all about :

“We’ll be bringing together key presidential candidates to discuss critical issues facing the LGBTQ community. You don’t want to miss it!”

Visit Casey Keith Design @Facebook https://www.facebook.com/Casey-Keith-Design-388273868201064/to make a donation to Human Rights Campaign and to get a Human Rights Campaign sticker for free with some one of a kind Casey Keith Design Earrings simply click here:


Casey Keith is an avid member of the Human Rights Campaign
All are welcome here. Casey is here to be your Minister as needed for ceremonies and your friend for Parties and Memorials. Lifelong ally!

Casey Keith Design now available on Amazon!

Perhaps you always wanted to buy Casey Keith Design jewelry, but you didn’t want to join Poshmark to do it.  Fear not! Now Casey Keith Design jewelry and accessories are available on Amazon Handmade. Simply click the image below and enjoy shopping with ease !

Be sure to check back often as she is loading up the Amazon Handmade store as quickly as possible with hundreds of ready to wear /use /enjoy  fashions! Every single piece comes complete with Artist’s signature gift packaging – so it’s never too early to begin gift shopping.

Enjoy! ?

Now Casey Keith Design is available on Amazon Handmade ?