Christmas in July : The Ornaments have arrived

Now available at DaturaArt Boutique on Poshmark -long in advance of the Christmas season ! Christmas in July is not intended to pressure anyone, but as someone who hates to procrastinate I have made these treasures available for people who share my interest in staying on top of things.

Rescued vintage crystals are adorned with silver plated spirals with Spiral style hook for easy hanging on your tree (or wherever desired.) Purchase includes artist’s signature gift packaging and black holographic gift ribbon.

Who are these for ?  Ornaments are a great gift for Teachers, Babysitters, Mothers-in-law , hard-to-buy-for fancy friends with everything, particular ornament collectors, old college roommates and hostesses.  Your new boss that you don’t know very well yet would be an ideal recipient.

Why spirals? Spirals are an ancient symbol of renewal and the cyclical nature of life on planet earth.  Spirals are universal and ideal for reminding us all that Christmas is coming….again….and again…and again into eternity.



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