Earthquake Preparedness and Anxiety

Strange and interesting times we are living in – don’t you think?!

Aside from the ongoing political chaos and turnover, a lot of global change is underway.  It seems like most Americans are oblivious to this due to their insulated lives keeping them protected and most don’t follow international or science news.  Personally, I like to keep an eye on everyone everywhere – simply because I consider myself a citizen of the world.  My favorite way to do this subtle surveillance is by using a wonderful tool that works in a real time.  Check it out:

Planet Earth
Home Sweet Home
Keep an eye on earthquakes everywhere by clicking on this image

This free public service from Global Incident map displays all detected Earthquakes in truly real time all over the world, meaning that it continuously updated. When you think you feel a tremor – this can be your first res0urce to check! To be prepared for Earthquakes specifically, have a peek at the American Red Cross recommendations conveniently provided  at the link below:

Visit Red Cross website to see how you can help those in need this holiday season!


Apologies in advance to anyone who is “triggered” by this sort of content.  Anxiety is common when matters such as Earth Changes and Earthquakes are brought up in conversation.  It is, however, the responsibility or every individual to be prepared for anything.  My recent research on What people are worried about indicated that most Earth Humans are unsurprisingly self centered.  Concerns and worries seem mostly to be about such things as employment and relationships and aging.  Also common is worry about the health of pets.  An easy supplement to try for both people and pets is hemp based CBD! Pets have worries that we can only imagine as caregivers – but you certainly recognize anxiety when you see it in Cats, dogs and Horses! Addressing the physical symptoms of these worrisome feelings is now in your power as humans. If your worries are more focused on the direction of our Country (here in the United States of America) be sure to surf over to the Big Papa Foundation action page to see what you can do to take action and make a meaningful impact.  Action leads to comfort and scratches the anxious itch you may be feeling.

Feel free to follow affiliate links below for fantastic deals on Hemp Based CBD products that I know well and trust for treating pain (but come with a nifty benefit of helping with anxiety) and are available in formulations appropriate for our furry family members. Founders Hemp products are a wonderful source of Farm Fresh CBD products that are THC free and legal in 50 states to help you avoid all sorts of worries- while actively addressing your pain and anxiety. Enjoy these any time and remain delightfully sober.

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Hemp based dog treats are ideal for treating pain and anxiety for pets.
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16 Replies to “Earthquake Preparedness and Anxiety”

  1. Well there are hemp products on the market now for everyone so why not your pets too?

    It’s hard enough to see people suffering through so many different things but to see an animal suffer? They have to rely totally on humans to help them.

    My sister has dogs and we were just recently talking about CBD oil and hemp products because we are both taking CBD oil.She had mentioned that she wanted to try this with her two dogs.

    I’m going to mention this article to her for the dog treats.Are they safe for dogs?

    1. I am thrilled to inform you that Hemp based CBD is safe for Cats, Dogs and Horses because they have cannabinoid receptors -just like people! The endocannabinoid system is a miracle of nature we can all enjoy! Surf around for a lot more information on this and feel free to share with pet owners like your sister! 🙂

  2. Wow, I had no idea that hemp was safe for dogs. It’s so nice that it calms them. Those hemp pet treats are a great idea. I think people often overlook a pup’s mental health. But they have worries too and can become just as anxious as humans.  Anxiety is not an exclusively human trait. Thanks for the great article!

    1. I am so relieved to be able to inform you, Rose! Pets certainly have pain and anxiety- and often as caregivers for them – we are the cause of at least some of the anxiety.  At our house we are careful at Christmastime to make sure that every pet gets a present -so that they wont feel left out of that very specific part of the ritual of Christmas.  A lot of destruction can be avoided by simply offering a thoughtful gift to a pet.  A CBD treat would certainly qualify -and help calm your furry friends when there is a lot of company around making them nervous. 

  3. Thank you for a great resource.

    I especially liked the map showing live earthquakes.

    Living in The Philippines, we have many fault lines and it can be really scary when the building starts to sway.

    I live on the top floor of 39.

    When it starts (we have a lot in Manila) it can be a nervous 30 to 45 seconds.

    You are never quite sure if this is the big one!

    I feel if you have to apologize to someone about your article it is probably because they have never experienced an earthquake.

    For those of us who have, it is reassuring to get information like this.

    Thank you for providing a great resource!


    1. Knowledge is power! Thank you for using the page as a resource and sharing it widely with those who would find it reassuring. May you and yours stay safe in such an active region for earthquakes.  The 39th floor would make me nervous too.

  4. I was approached by a friend about CBD oil and selling it on my website.  I joined his program and got all the information about two months ago and never did anything with it.  I had never heard of CBD oil, so you know how it is with new things, we look, we look again, we look some more and then maybe we act.  I have been looking because it seems now that I’ve heard of it, I keep seeing it over and over on various sites and discussed by various friends.  I think it may be time to take it seriously and give it a try.  I do have anxiety often, and I have a lot of body pain.  Thank you for putting this in front of me once again, and now it’s time to act.  I appreciate the gentle nudge, and I’m looking forward to reporting back to you with the results!

    1. Nudge nudge! and be advised that as with any product there are differences from one brand to another.  Quality is of the utmost importance – and also beware that not all CBD oil is THC free.  So: if THC is going to be an issue for you – it is better to verify this prior to ingestion! All of the CBD products at are THC-free – so if passing a drug test is important to you, it certainly is a detail to consider. Enjoy the journey and feel free to reach out to me personally if you have any questions !

  5. What a great site!.

    Hello there, thank you for allowing me to comment on your site.

    To start with, I would really like to appreciate the efforts that you have applied when writing this site, secondly I like your spirit how caring you are as you stated that you are a Citizen in the world, that statement is so strong, I really like that. 

    Personally I come from a region that is involved with cases to do with earthquake, by this I mean that there have been reported many cases of earthquake of which  this earthquake sometimes comes with a great impact of destruction of which might cause dameges or even loss of life, as for the injuries that comes across due to earthquake I really find that they really need help and support from worldwide, as this is a natural disaster.

    As you have well highlighted the relief medicines that are mostly used to relieve pain, I find your site being of great help, also I like the way you have attached the affiliate purchase links to the products your are marketing thus making it easier for customers to purchase via your site.

    Thank you


    1. Thank you for your kind words! and condolences for any trauma you or yours have suffered due to natural disasters.  I hope you will enjoy using and sharing the page a resource – as the earthquake tracker is live and updated in real time – continuously. It truly is my hope to helpful – especially in the area of pain management! My affiliate links are provided as a convenience  – and I personally trust and use the products for which I offer these links. Best wishes for a safe holiday and happy new year!

  6. What a  great tool to keep an eye on earthquakes, I have always been interested in observing natural disasters such as earthquakes but was unaware of any apps that let you see them in real time. I have always used you tube to watch past events long after they have occurred. It’s sad to know that people are so disconnected from the world today and what is happening around them. When it comes to being prepared for the events many people are caught out and this puts a large strain on our emergency services. Hopefully people read this post and follow the link to the red cross site for details on being prepared. Thanks for this great article.



    1. Thank you for your kind words! Please feel free to help make some connections in our disconnected world by sharing the page  with people you feel might benefit from it’s information.  Cheers! 🙂

  7. I have never tried Hemp products, but have heard a lot about them and seen them on the shelves of health food stores. It seems however that there are some really amazing benefits. As someone who has family members deal with and been on prescription medications for anxiety, it’s incredible to know that something natural could have great health benefits in these areas. Thankfully, where I live, there aren’t any real earthquake risks other than extremely small tremors here and there, but It’s helpful to be made aware of the tools you mentioned. Merry Christmas!

    1. Hemp based CBD products have been a miracle for me (an many others) – I encourage you to try them out for yourself! And When you feel tremors – the most fun tool to use it that earthquake tracker! If you feel it – it registers on that magical map! Merry Christmas!

  8. Anxiety is a normal response to any distressful situation and It’s our body’s way of preparing us to deal with danger. Earthquake can exacerbate the anxieties especially in those who already have an underlying anxiety disorder.

    The best way to tackle earthquake anxiety is to try to remain involved in your life and stick to your normal routines, express your concerns and fears with your friends and family, get sufficient rest, relax, eat a healthy diet and prepare yourself for future emergencies. And research shows signs that a product made from CBD oil can help relieve anxiety as well.

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