Just Because Marijuana is legal in 3 more states….

The legalization of Marijuana is sweeping the continent, but that doesn’t mean in is a good idea for everyone to partake of this recreational or medicinal herb.  While users may enjoy the healing benefits legally, employers may not feel as comfortable about employees partaking of the plant.  Even patients who have a Medical Marijuana card may be subjected to drug testing as a condition of employment.

For those using the wonder herb to treat pain of all types and anxiety there must be a method of accessing the natural chemicals  to which bodies in pain respond to well.  Thankfully Marijuana has a cousin who naturally produces that very special chemical: CBD. HEMP is that Cousin! CBD derived from Hemp is available without the pesky THC that troubles so many people facing drug tests and offers the pain and anxiety relief users are seeking.  CBD derived Hemp products that are THC-free is a guarantee at CaseyKeith.com.

As both an activist (Co-Founder of Tygris Medical) and as an avid user (as a patient with pain) Casey Keith puts her stamp of approval on all of the items presented at CaseyKeith.com  – a Healthy Hemp website that puts Hemp Based CBD items at the fingertips of users – all of which are guaranteed to be THC-Free.  She also offers free consulting services to help users navigate ways to responsibly use CBD products.

For those who need pain and anxiety relief to get through the day and can not be “high” while at work or when caring for loved ones – Hemp based CBD is a reliable and powerful option.  With a wide array of products available, Casey Keith allows people to shop and research what is best for them.  When a user is ready, they can simply click on the item and be instantly directed to the source of the chosen product for purchase.  When pain can not wait – users should not have to either!  When facing an employer’s drug test – nobody needs to deal with that significant stress!  With no THC  in these products, tests will come back “NEGATIVE” – AKA PASSED! Research then shop with confidence and wait until all THC is out of your system before attempting a drug test (if you have been using marijuana prior to switching over to hemp).

There are many ways to use CBD from Hemp! Topical creams, Pills, Gels, Capsules, Tinctures,Gummy bears, Drink mixes, and more.  Each offering a way to customize doses to your specific needs for the type of relief you seek.




4 Replies to “Just Because Marijuana is legal in 3 more states….”

  1. Never heard about CBD, but it sounds as a very good option to replace Marijuana. I hope it may be a cure for my continous anxiety. I would choose CBD as you can skip the drug tests by using it.

     Are there any side effects caused by using CBD? Is it a medicine that may be taken only when given by your doctor?

    1. No Prescription is needed by a doctor is order to obtain CBD. Doctors may have suggestions for you on dosages, but the rule of thumb is to start low and go slow.  Side effects may be similar to those people find with Marijuana, however I have not found these to be the case. Commonly dry mouth & lowered blood pressure are mentioned.  The lowering of blood pressure may simply be the relief from anxiety experienced by the body – which is desirable and beneficial side effect.  As a person who is fairly “high strung” occasionally I find that it gives me a sense of ease in a short amount of time after partaking.  The 250 mg tincture is I reach for in these moments and it takes 20 minutes for effectiveness to be apparent.  For continuous anxiety – I highly recommend giving Hemp based CBD tinctures a try.  Both Miracle Nutritional Products and Founder’s Hemp (Hemp Symmetry) offer a range of strengths and flavors to experiment with that you can build on when your tolerance builds up over time. Both are gentle and designed to be taken as supplements.  Pill varieties are also available if that is easier or more convenient and available in a wide range of strengths.  You will not “get high” from these and packaging is clearly marked as THC-free. 

  2. You learn something new every day… interesting piece. Never heard of this CBD. It seem to be a reasonable substitute for marijuana. Is it a prescription only medicine? Are the side effects similar to marijuana? I see it’s 100% natural and that’s good to know. This might be good for those persons who complain a lot about pain that is not relieved by the known medications usually prescribed for pain.

    Looking forward to hearing more about this medicine.

    1. No prescription necessary!  Side effects are similar but gentler than those experienced with marijuana.  (Dry mouth, lowered blood pressure.) For many people hemp based CBD is able to replace Marijuana (which combines CBD and THC to work) with the added benefit of being able to pass a drug test when needed! All of the hemp based CBD products at CaseyKeith.com are THC-free. As marijuana is legalized all over the map I believe that a lot of people will find that  CBD is a pain /anxiety reliever that can’t  be ingnored for its myriad healthful benefits- and Hemp is practical substitute to call upon as needed as a safe, gentle & natural supplement! As a neuroprotectant -it can’t be beat! 

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