New Handcut Garnet Pieces Now In Stock!

Natural pops of garnet red are now available to you in a new collection of unique earrings and one very special one-of-a-kind handcut garnet bracelet.  Have a peek at all of the fresh new styles here at on the Casey Keith Design Jewelry page and at their new home Poshmark in the Daturaart Boutique – where they are all in stock and available for purchase along with many other fashionable and unique Made in America designs  – while supplies last!

Garnet Box Pearl Earrings (Sold) at Poshmark Boutique DaturaArt

Not shopping on Poshmark yet? It safe, secure and easy to do with the Poshmark app! (Find it in the App store on your smartphone.) Get a $5 shopping credit with invite code Daturaart! Casey Keith is a Poshmark Ambassador and is thrilled to answer your burning questions and show you around as needed on the fashion forward platform.  Enjoy shopping on your phone and spending your $5 credit on anything site-wide!

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