Ordained Minister

Casey Keith is an Ordained Minister and is available by Private request to collaborate with people in the development and performance of  their Wedding Ceremonies.  People with a marriage license who need to solemnize their union are welcome to reach out to Casey directly to begin the process and lock down some dates.  Because every wedding is a special and unique event, Ceremonies may be endlessly customized.  Time and care is taken in order to collaborate and ensure that your special day is exactly as you envision it.  Casey will help you develop your unique ceremony and will perform a rehearsal and a wedding day ceremony.

Simply followed  link to Wedding Script generator below 👇🏼


As a longstanding  member of the Human Rights Campaign and LGBTQ ally, Casey Keith welcomes all loving  and now finally legal unions. Vow renewal ceremonies are available and re-created for any couple who needs a do-over ceremony.   Important dates to schedule with Casey Keith are: Rehearsal Date, Ceremony Date and Back-up Dates in Case of Weather related delay in ceremony.  Please give yourselves a minimum 30 days planning and collaboration time.  Please reserve Ceremony venue and location 30 days prior to Ceremony.  Wedding Ceremony many be performed anywhere you would like with the proper planning.  Casey Keith will wear all Black for Ceremonial Performance unless other attire is necessary to accommodate a Wedding Theme. See photo for example.

Initiate the planning process by text or email: 331-223-3944  or  CaseyKeith@hotmail.com

A small example of black ministerial attire for ceremonial performance.
Happy Couple Married by Casey Keith July 2012


Credentials that allow Casey Keith to marry people who want to marry each other with the proper license in place.
Wedding Party – Make yours exactly what you want.
All are welcome here. Casey is here to be your Minister as needed for ceremonies and your friend for Parties and Memorials.
Casey Keith is an avid member of the Human Rights Campaign