New Earrings this week & Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Perhaps you are bored with all of your earrings or you have lost too many of them to put an ensemble together.  Fear not!  New earrings are always dropping at Casey Keith Design and made available online for your shopping convenience in the Daturaart Boutique on the Poshmark App.  (Join with Invite code Daturaart – for a $5 shopping credit.) Enjoy browsing and buying all over the wide world of Poshmark!  (Pro-tip: The more shops you “follow” – the broader your selection.)

Long Jade and Citrine Earrings now available online at DaturaArt Boutique on Poshmark

Have a safe and happy St. Patrick’s Day weekend! Don’t forget to wear Green! Avoid drinking and driving by using Uber and Lyft!

Easy Being Green Earring now available on Poshmark at DaturaArt Boutique

Reminder: The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline  1-800-273-TALK (8255) is available 24 hours per day for anyone in crisis who needs to talk.

Share and use as needed.

Obsessed with Carved Stones?

Casey is totally obsessed with carved stones and has been for years.  Hand carved stone flowers are of particular interest and her creations using these elements is apparent in pieces available now at Daturaart Boutique.  Have a look around and you will see….the obsession is ongoing.

CKD Florals available this spring on Poshmark at Daturaart Boutique

March in Full Bloom

Fresh tulips are already blooming over here in spite of continued threats of snow in Chicagoland. The trick seems to be growing them inside to enjoy the bulbs sprouting quickly under watchful expectant spring loving eyes- like mine.  Springy new earring have materialized as March comes in today.  Have a peek here on the Casey Keith Design Jewelry page and on Poshmark at the Daturaart Boutique.

Tulips in Bloom at Casey Keith Design


Spring Green Cluster Earrings now in stock at Daturaart Boutique on Poshmark
Spring has sprung already at Casey Keith Design


New Handcut Garnet Pieces Now In Stock!

Natural pops of garnet red are now available to you in a new collection of unique earrings and one very special one-of-a-kind handcut garnet bracelet.  Have a peek at all of the fresh new styles here at on the Casey Keith Design Jewelry page and at their new home Poshmark in the Daturaart Boutique – where they are all in stock and available for purchase along with many other fashionable and unique Made in America designs  – while supplies last!

Garnet Box Pearl Earrings (Sold) at Poshmark Boutique DaturaArt

Not shopping on Poshmark yet? It safe, secure and easy to do with the Poshmark app! (Find it in the App store on your smartphone.) Get a $5 shopping credit with invite code Daturaart! Casey Keith is a Poshmark Ambassador and is thrilled to answer your burning questions and show you around as needed on the fashion forward platform.  Enjoy shopping on your phone and spending your $5 credit on anything site-wide!

Lots of New Earrings….

Heads up!  Many new Earrings have been released at Poshmark Boutique DaturaArt by Casey Keith Design.  Join Poshmark for $5 credit to spend as desired with invite code DaturaArt  and have a peek at some of the new designs on the Casey Keith Design Jewelry page here at

Willful Woman earrings now in stock at Daturaart on Poshmark

Perhaps you are unfamiliar with Poshmark or are feeling unsure about what it is and how to shop there.  Relax and be informed that Poshmark is a trusted App that can be downloaded in the app store.  Buying on Poshmark is easy and fast and affordable!  Once you have downloaded the app, you will want to set up your own account for success by choosing your favorite brands and entering your sizes.  “Following” sellers that match your brands and sizes makes it easy to find the fashions that are best for you.  Some items are not effected by size – like accessories, jewelry, handbags, etc.  The more sellers you “follow” by clicking their blue follow button – the better your selection.  Fashions may also be browsed online in desktop mode, however most of what happens on Poshmark happens on your phone.  Enjoy shopping anywhere in comfort on Poshmark!  Don’t forget to spend your $5 credit on whatever you want when you join with Invite code DaturaArt!

Happy Valentine’s Day

I know this may be a tad premature, but Valentine’s Day is 10 days away and I have a small something to share with you, dear readers!  Join Poshmark with invite code DATURAART for $5 credit toward anything you like site-wide on  the app at  Perhaps there is a new sweetie in your life that you would like to buy a small gift for -to  mark the special occasion.  Maybe you want to buy yourself a new sweater or pants or fashionable scarf.  If it is wearable fashion – you can certainly find it on the Poshmark app.  (Find it in the app store in your smart phone.) Buying is simple and the more you shop for things you like – the easier it gets.  You choose your style and it is all made simple by shopping for only items that are your own size – and for your favorite brands.

Earrings are a fantastic gift for yourself or a loved one! Join Poshmark with invite code Daturaart for $5 free credit

The Boutique Datura Art features Casey Keith Design jewelry and still has some lovely items available for the fast approaching holiday of romance.  Have a peek and use your $5 Poshmark Credit anywhere you like within the app and expect items chosen to appear via priority mail – usually with speedy  2 or 3 day shipping.

In case Valentine’s Day is a trigger for you and it fills you with sadness: please reach out to people who care.  The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline number is 1-800-273-8255 and is staffed and ready for you 24 hours/day every single day.  Remember that you are loved and that there is always someone waiting to hear from you. <3

Unique Masala Hearts for a literal Valentine gift for your love – as with all earrings- you are 2 of a kind. *sigh*
Poshmark is the place to buy fashion for Women, Men & Children! Everybody!






A Reminder to Listen For Subtle Calls For Help & Be kind.

In trying times like these, with the Government Shut Down effecting so many people it is important to be mindful of the pain and stress people are feeling.  During a news conference this morning (January 24th, 2019) a Suicide was mentioned as being related to hardship being suffered by individuals in this ongoing National Crisis.  We must all support each other in these difficult moments and remember that help is never far away. Free judgement-free assistance is available at the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline 24 hours per day 7 days per week. Share this number widely and use it as needed.  America and the World Need for us to make it through these strange days TOGETHER.

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline


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