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Your friend Casey Keith here to help you rain or shine. She is an Artist, Humanitarian, a Consultant, a minister. Co-founder of Big Papa Foundation, and  Datura Art Boutique owner

Casey Keith is a 4th generation Artisan, Humanitarian Unitarian Universalist Minister, & Co-founder BigPapa Foundation. Follow her on Twitter at CaseyKeithDzn

Casey’s  work at Big Papa Foundation is now available to peruse at www.bigpapa.org – and is available to see now here: https://www.facebook.com/bigpapafoundation/

Learn and take action to save the world with Casey at bigpapa.org.

Check out Big Papa Action page for the best in active petitions to sign to do your part to save the world – for free! http://bigpapa.org/big-papa-action/

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Casey is also a Unitarian Universalist Minister who is available by appointment for Wedding and Memorial consultations and services.  Ceremonies may be created and developed with Casey to perform with long or short notice. 30 days notice is best.   When you have found your  partner and have obtained your marriage license, but still need a minister to make your union official – Casey is at your service.  Choose a date (or 2) for Rehearsal and Ceremony and with a wide range of ceremony options, Casey Keith will be the Minister you  have been looking for. Just text 331-223-3944 to schedule an appointment.