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Casey Keith here to help you rain or shine. She is a Designer , a Humanitarian, an Art Dealer, and Co-founder of Big Papa Foundation, and  Datura Art Boutique owner.                                                                Casey Keith is a 4th generation Artisan Whose father is Jon Stuart Anderson. See his amazing works at www.JonStuartAnderson.com or www.JonStuartAndersonArtworks.com. Follow her on Twitter at CaseyKeithDzn

Direct: 331-223-3944 (talk/text)



Casey’s  work at Big Papa Foundation is now available to peruse at www.bigpapa.org – and is available to see now here: https://www.facebook.com/bigpapafoundation/

Learn and take action to save the world with Casey at bigpapa.org.

Check out Big Papa Action page for the best in active petitions to sign to do your part to save the world – for free! http://bigpapa.org/big-papa-action/

If you are seeking out her work as an Artist – currently available works are available for purchase in the boutique at Daturaart on Poshmark – the #1 App to buy fashion! Sign up with code DATURAART to save $10 off your first Purchase at Poshmark: https://bnc.lt/focc/UYdAMOfv9Q 

Casey Keith Design was available on Amazon Handmade simply click Amazon handmade image here to shop for handmade goods on Amazon.