New Earrings this week

See the swirling colors captured in Laguna Agate and enjoy the playful dangles and natural colors used to accentuate the organic details in these new Earring designs by Casey Keith Design.

Also see the fun Rock Candy Peridot Earrings featuring new jade and pearl.

Leafy Laguna Agate Earrings now in stock at DaturaArt on Poshmark
Rock candy peridot and jade earrings now in stock at DaturaArt on Poshmark


This week’s busy production board. The focus? Mostly some new Laguna Agate that inspired Casey!

Petosky Stone Earrings are back!


Fossilized Coral Earrings now in stock at DaturaArt Boutique on Poshmark

Fan favorite Fossilized coral aka Petosky stone earrings are back! Scoop up your favorite fossilized coral style while supplies last – and shop early for the best odds of choosing the style you like best. The DaturaArt Boutique on Poshmark is the only place to find these unique and fun earrings. Click the images to shop with ease.

Responsible Monday Earrings

When you need to make a good impression…you need the right earrings.  For the job interview, for court, for those moments in life when you have to appear to have it all under control.  

Responsible Freshwater Pearl Earrings now in stock at DaturaArt Boutique on Poshmark

Candy Colored Fleurite Earrings

?Happy Mother’s Day ! ?

Looking for the perfect gift?

Check this out: 1 of a kind Candy colored yet all natural authentic gemstone earrings complete with the featured Cecile Barker vintage postcard (pictured) and Artist’s signature gift packaging (now in stock at DaturaArt Boutique on Poshmark). Stones are all hand carved and hand faceted.  A unique gift that is sure to be enjoyed for millennia to come.

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Hand carved rainbow fluerite and iolite Earrings now in stock at DaturaArt Boutique on Poshmark

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Labradorite Study

Labradorite collar necklace now in stock at boutique DaturaArt on Poshmark as well as many available accompanying labradorite earrings to choose from! Happy shopping! Join Poshmark with invite code DaturaArt for $5 shopping credit .


Copper and silver plated spirals and pearls in white, peach, and grey let you enjoy the excitement and power of spirals  in Earrings to wear every day.

Enjoy the collection debuting today. Scoop up your favorite fast because quantities are limited.  Once they are gone- they are not coming back.