Handmade Jewelry Shopping is easy !

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Amazon Handmade 

Datura Handmade Boutique 

Lots of beautiful handmade jewelry is available on the Datura Art Handmade Boutique page here at CaseyKeith.com. Simply click on the image of an item you like and you are transported to the Poshmark page where the item may be purchased.

Casey Keith Design items are available on Amazon Handmade now in addition to the   Datura Art Handmade Boutique.   Until December 6th, all Onyx items  feature a 10% off coupon! Shop today to take advantage of the deal while supplies last! Coupon only valid on Amazon Handmade.

Rare appearance of keychains

Keychains are a great gift for Moms, Dads, sisters, Clients, teachers, Babysitters.

The appearance of Casey Keith Design keychains is indeed a rare event. She focuses usually on earrings and other jewelry items. Scoop up these  rarities exclusively on Poshmark at DaturaArt Boutique  while they last.

Also…Check out the very on-trend Stella & Dot new arrivals.  It’s all about layers and charms this spring!!

Labradorite dragonfly Keychain
Rockstack turtle Keychain
Moonstone hummingbird Keychain