Vintage Illustration Postcards Included with Selected Casey Keith Design Earrings

New this spring: A touch of old (vintage !) with your new favorite earrings . Vintage illustration post cards of flower fairies by Cecile Barker are included with one -of-a-kind Earrings by Casey Keith Design.  The gorgeous flower fairy illustrations are frame- worthy  and a lovely addition to any earrings being given as a gift.  Artist’s signature gift packaging is included with the purchase of any original work by American 4th generation artisan, Casey Keith.

Here are the newest pieces  in the limited release Series.:The Feathered Crazy Lace Agate Earrings & Jade Butterfly Earrings.

Jade Butterfly Earrings
Now in stock at DaturaArt Boutique on Poshmark. Includes Cecile Barker postcard!
Feathered Crazy Lace Agate Earring now in stock at DaturaArt Boutique on Poshmark