Ultimate Mother’s Day ? Gifts

Tender Family moments captured in Jon Stuart Anderson Polymer Clay Sculptures to cherish for many years  to come make wonderful & important Mother’s Day gifts.  Order soon for on time arrival for this year’s May 10th Mother’s Day .

Visit JonStuartAndersonArtworks.com to shop 24 hours/ day 7 days/ week. Unique and rare artworks will ship direct from the Artist’s studio to you (or your mother if desired) in time for your holiday celebration.

Jon Stuart Anderson Artworks website Launched

Casey Keith Design is proud and happy to present Jon Stuart Anderson Artworks: A direct from the artists website that will put collectors in touch with the Artwork they seek and support working modern artisans directly.   Enjoy visiting the website at www.JonStuartAndersonArtworks.com 

Useful and beautiful home accessories as well as creatures inspired by nature are already available on the website. Have a peek and enjoy shopping at this convenient new online venue.

Above  is just a quick peek at some of the available pieces. Click on them to visit the site.




Rare Jon Anderson sculptures are coming

The artist’s signature

 Coming soon to CaseyKeith.com is Exclusive Artwork from Jon Stuart Anderson- available only here and shipped directly to you from the artist’s studio!
Check back often for updates on this with peeks at new exclusive works, images, pricing, & vital shipping details.
Reach out privately by phone to arrange for your purchase of rare Jon Stuart Anderson sculptures to enjoy for millennia  to come in your home or office.  Casey Keith Talk/text 331-223-3944 

A peek at the Artist’s process – Jon Anderson

People often wonder how Artist, Jon Stuart Anderson makes his amazing and colorful creations. “ Does he paint them?”   “Does he print designs on paper and wrap his creatures and bowls in them?” Nope.  When we say that each color you see in an object of his creation is a different piece of clay, we truly mean that every color you see is literally a different piece of clay within the sculpture.  This idea  is hard for people to wrap their heads around, so occasionally (rarely) the artist demonstrates.  Below we have featured one of the rare occurrences in which the artist allows the viewer to have a peek at his process.