Lots of New Earrings….

Heads up!  Many new Earrings have been released at Poshmark Boutique DaturaArt by Casey Keith Design.  Join Poshmark for $5 credit to spend as desired with invite code DaturaArt  and have a peek at some of the new designs on the Casey Keith Design Jewelry page here at CaseyKeith.com.

Willful Woman earrings now in stock at Daturaart on Poshmark

Perhaps you are unfamiliar with Poshmark or are feeling unsure about what it is and how to shop there.  Relax and be informed that Poshmark is a trusted App that can be downloaded in the app store.  Buying on Poshmark is easy and fast and affordable!  Once you have downloaded the app, you will want to set up your own account for success by choosing your favorite brands and entering your sizes.  “Following” sellers that match your brands and sizes makes it easy to find the fashions that are best for you.  Some items are not effected by size – like accessories, jewelry, handbags, etc.  The more sellers you “follow” by clicking their blue follow button – the better your selection.  Fashions may also be browsed online in desktop mode, however most of what happens on Poshmark happens on your phone.  Enjoy shopping anywhere in comfort on Poshmark!  Don’t forget to spend your $5 credit on whatever you want when you join with Invite code DaturaArt!

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